A responsive single page website created for Lux Fashion Rental, a mock fashion company. The Lux company is a local fashion rental service that looks luxurious but is affordable for everyone.

The typeface used in the website is Roboto. Roboto is used due to how similar it is to the Lux logo type face. It is also easy to read and understand on different screen sizes.

The colors in the site are purple, light purple, white, black and gray. All the colors 

utilized go along with the branding for the Lux Fashion Rental company. The purples and gray act like a divider for each section of the website such as the About and 

Rentals sections. 

The process began by doing research on websites that would be similar to the final product. Next personas were made to help understand how a possible costumer would interact with the site. After personas a site map was created to help create the structure for the final site. Then a wire frame was made using XD for testing and

 understanding how the site could be intracted with. Finally, it was created using

 Bootstrap 5.