LUX Fashion Rental is a mock local fashion and rental business. LUX was created when two siblings, witnessed a classmate who could not afford to buy their outfits in high school. The two, later, made a local business based on this occurance.

When I began designing, I started with research, looking at similar companies and their packaging to help form ideas for the packaging. With ideas from my research I sketched out more concrete ideas. Then I measured out the sides of the objects I planned on packaging to create a dieline. With both the sketches and dielines 

completed, I began on laying out the final packaging.

The colors used are purple, gray, black and white. The black is mainly used for the text and information for contrast and white is used as well for the text button. The purple is pulled from the colored logo and for how the color represent royalty. The variations of gray are used to create the texture on the packaging. The type of font was used for its readability and for how similar it is to the font in the logo to create unity.