An infographic depicting facts relating to the Ancient Greeks. The infographic has a map showing the expansion of the Greekā€™s territory as well as facts on the Greek alphabet, Greek gods and their relationships with each other, and architecture.

The colors used are a faded red, blue, and shades of gray. Black is also used for of the text and symbols of the Greek gods and alphabet. The faded red is used in the border separating the different sections which come from painted pottery done by the Ancient Greeks. Blue is used in the map for the water and the lines in the relationship of the gods section to help tie it together easier. The gray is used mainly in the architecture section on the illustrations of the different pillars.

The images and icons are all illistrated by hand. Starting with sketches that are 

scanned into a computer to be colored and rendered for the infographic. All the

information as well as the inspiration of the images and color comes from research done on the Ancient Greeks.